Indicators That You Could Have Athlete's Foot

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Athlete's foot is a condition that affects many people. Some people can experience this condition for extended periods, while others have it come and go fairly quickly. While some cases of athlete's foot are mild, others are more severe and should prompt you to seek help from a foot care expert in your community. A local podiatrist has ample experience with athlete's foot cases. They can not only diagnose the condition but also treat it in a variety of ways. Watch for these indicators that could suggest you have athlete's foot.


One of the telltale signs of athlete's foot is an unusual level of itchiness in one or more areas of your foot. While feet can get itchy for various reasons, the itchiness that people experience when they have athlete's foot is often more bothersome than usual. You may find that you scratch the itch and experience temporary relief, but notice that the feeling quickly returns. Athlete's foot can affect many different areas of your foot, but it's common to experience itchiness between the toes.

Burning Sensation

While the itchiness that you experience with athlete's foot can be a nuisance, you may also notice a burning sensation. This feeling can be present even when you aren't touching your feet, but it can noticeably worsen after you've scratched your feet, walked barefoot, or otherwise made contact with the affected areas. The burning feeling can be highly disruptive in your day. You may find that it's difficult to concentrate or enjoy certain activities because you're so acutely aware of the burning in one or more areas of your feet. For some people, this burning sensation is highly apparent at night, often to the point that it affects one's sleep quality.


It's often possible to suspect that you might have athlete's foot simply because of the feeling you have in your feet, but looking carefully at your feet can often reveal visual symptoms of this common foot condition. Areas that the athlete's foot affects are often red and may be cracked or have blisters. At first glance, you might not notice any redness when you look at your feet. It's important to look carefully at the areas that are bothering you. For example, when you gently separate two of your toes, you may see an alarming level of redness in this area.

If you believe that you have athlete's foot, set an appointment with a local podiatrist.