How To Handle Heel Pain: Effective Ways To Relieve Your Discomfort

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The heel pain you are experiencing may have appeared out of nowhere. If you assumed your feet were just aching because you were standing on them for such a long time at work or because you were doing something else that involved being on your feet, you probably thought the pain would subside by the next day. However, if it has been days or even weeks since you first started to experience heel pain and the discomfort is only getting worse, you need to find out why this pain is happening and what you can do to treat it.

Why Does Heel Pain Occur?

There is no way to be completely certain about the cause of your heel pain until you see a podiatrist. Unfortunately, various issues can cause such discomfort to occur. Some people will experience this pain because they are suffering from heel spurs. However, heel spurs are not the only cause of random and uncomfortable heel pain. In fact, you may experience this pain because you are developing arthritis or because you have a cyst in your foot. Because you likely do not want to play the guessing game, make sure to schedule a visit with a podiatrist who can thoroughly examine your feet before offering a diagnosis and making specific recommendations.

What Are the Best Ways to Treat This Pain?

While there are people who end up undergoing surgeries due to medical conditions that have caused their heel pain, this is quite rare. Many non-invasive treatment options are available that could ease your discomfort and eventually eliminate the pain for good. Therapy wraps are available and may be purchased online. These wraps go right around the heels and provide plenty of support while relieving some of the pain.

Your podiatrist could recommend wearing specific types of footwear that will offer more support and keep the feet protected. Physical therapy options are even available. If you were to go to physical therapy, you would get to perform light exercises and stretches with the feet to improve circulation and flexibility while naturally relieving that pain.

Are you dealing with random heel pain out of nowhere? Once the pain appeared, it may not have gone away, thus causing you to feel uncomfortable for many days or weeks at a time. If so, you need to visit with a podiatrist to find out what is causing this pain. There may be some natural ways for you to get relief. If you continue to experience discomfort after weeks of trying natural and non-invasive treatments, you should speak to your heal pain service about the next steps you should take.