Benefits Of Seeing A Podiatrist For A Sprained Ankle

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Ankle sprains are not generally as serious as something like a broken ankle, but they can still cause a lot of discomfort. If nothing you do seems to alleviate this pain, then you may just want to see a podiatrist. This foot doctor can help in a couple of ways.

Identify Sprain Grade

There are different grades (levels) when it comes to ankle sprains. They range from one to three. You may be in pain, but you may not be sure which sprain grade you're currently dealing with. Fortunately, a podiatrist has the knowledge and equipment to determine what grade your ankle sprain is at. 

This diagnosis is pivotal to finding the appropriate treatment that can not only alleviate your pain, but can also help restore your range of motion again. Then you can look forward to getting back on your feet and doing normal activities.

Professionally Wrap Your Ankle

In order to help you better deal with the pain associated with a sprained ankle, it's important that you limit your range of motion for the foreseeable future. You can see a podiatrist and have them wrap your sprained ankle, keeping it from moving side to side.

They'll make sure the wrap is tight, but not too much to where it causes you pain or cuts off the circulation around the ankle region. A podiatrist can also wrap your ankle in high-quality materials that you may not be able to find at a convenience or drug store.

Provide Medication if Pain is Severe

If you have a grade 3 ankle sprain and are thus in a lot of pain, then you probably will want to take some type of medication to find relief. You can easily get the right type and learn how to take it for fast relief if you visit a podiatrist.

They can give you prescription medication and then go over its intended use so that you have no trouble getting rid of your ankle pain as soon as you leave the podiatrist's office. They can refill this medication too if your recovery takes longer than you expected it to.

Having a sprained ankle can severely hinder your movement and cause you a lot of pain. If you see a podiatrist, then you'll fortunately gain access to a professional diagnosis and useful treatment options that can help you deal with this foot problem a lot faster than if you treated it on your own.

To learn more, contact a foot doctor in your area.