Take Care Of Your Feet In These Ways When You Work As A Food Server

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Working as a server in a restaurant can be a physical challenge because of the amount of time that you spend on your feet. During a standard shift, you might actually never get a chance to sit down if the establishment has a constant flow of customers. This can leave your feet tired and sore at the end of the day and potentially even lead to long-term issues. If you're currently experiencing foot pain, schedule a checkup at your local podiatry clinic. The podiatrist will talk to you about your pain and offer some suggestions on how you can alleviate it at work. If you're not yet at the pain stage, here are some tips that you can use to avoid pain at work.

Wear The Proper Footwear

You might want to look sharp, but lots of stylish shoes don't do any favors for the health of your feet. If you're a man, try to find dress shoes that are comfortable with arch support and cushioned soles; if this is difficult, wear an all-black pair of running shoes. For women, black athletic shoes are also ideal, given their comfort. Try to stay away from wearing high heels, as they can lead to pain over the course of your shift. If you wish to wear flats, buy sole inserts from your local pharmacy to provide more cushioning.

Sit When You Can

While it might not often be possible to sit during your shift, look for times that you can take a load off. For example, if you're wiping down menus or wrapping cutlery up in napkins between the rush of mealtime, do so sitting down — there's no point to spend this task on your feet. Depending on the layout of the restaurant and the number of staff moving around, you might also think about putting a stool in front of the terminal that you use to punch in your customers' orders; even sitting here for 30 seconds while you do the job can alleviate some pressure on your feet.

Limit Your Sodium

A diet that is high in sodium can cause your feet and ankles to swell, which can be highly uncomfortable — especially if you need to stand for several more hours. When you work at a restaurant, it's easy to snack on high-sodium foods while you work; for example, you might have the kitchen make you a burger and some fries to eat on your break. It's better to pack a lunch from home with healthier choices. You should also try to drink water frequently to help flush sodium from your body.

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