Careers In Which You Should Visit A Podiatrist Regularly

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Many people can benefit from scheduling regular checkups at their local podiatry clinic; just like seeing your doctor and dentist, visiting a podiatrist is valuable for staying healthy. However, there are some individuals for whom seeing a podiatrist is paramount. For people who spend the bulk of their workday standing up, for example, a podiatrist can ensure that they aren't putting themselves at risk of foot issues that could end up keeping them at home and affecting their livelihood. Here are some careers in which you should schedule regular visits to a podiatrist.


Barbers and hairstylists spend virtually all of their shift at work standing up, which can lead to sore feet by the time they arrive home at night. Your podiatrist can look at the condition of your feet to notice any issues related to your standing. For example, you might be developing hard calluses that don't cause you any pain currently, but could be excruciating later on. If your podiatrist deems these calluses to be problematic, he or she can actually file them down so that they don't stick out as much, as well as suggest some small foot pads that you can wear around your toes to limit the growth of the calluses in the future.

Flight Attendant

With the exception of taking off and landing, flight attendants rarely sit down during the flight and will often spend time walking through airports before and after flights. All of this means that foot and ankle pain can be prevalent, especially if you wear high-heeled shoes during your shift. Your podiatrist can fit you for custom orthotics that you can wear inside your shoes to support your arch and provide padding, as well as give you a recommendation of the type of athletic shoes you should wear away from work. He or she can also detail some ankle exercises that can help to strengthen your ankles to improve their stability, which can reduce your risk of a strain.

Mail Carrier

Mail carriers walk for the bulk of their workday, which means that they can cover several miles during a shift. If you work in this job, it's useful to see a podiatrist. He or she can not only give you a recommendation for the ideal shoes to wear, but also perform a gait analysis that can reveal any walking issues. For example, some people walk with their ankles rolling inward, which can lead to a strain. In this case, the podiatrist will fit you for orthotic inserts that will keep your ankles in better alignment. For more information, contact local professionals like Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center.